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the element of chance in a football fixture.

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Check both teams fixture schedule. If one team has two extra days rest that will impact the starting line up and result.
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What is a perfect draw prediction?

Perfect draw predictions are when you successfully forecast a draw in a football fixture. Certain fixtures have many signs of a draw, and with our historic data, forecasting algorithm and football betting experience, we are able to predict draw's more prequently than most.

What is a FT draw tip?

Simple put FT stands for full time, so an ft draw tip is a draw at full time.

Why are full time draw tips so popular?

This is very simple, the odds and payout of a draw can be very lucrative. Most draws average around 3/1 (3.00), and it is very common for this to increase to more than this.

Most football fans will tell you that predicting a ft draw is almost impossible. Analysing the data we have found some common elements that really help towards forecasting a full time draw, and it might not be as hard as you think.

Check the h2h data, if two teams struggle to score multiple goals per game, this really does increase the chances of a draw. Also in big matches, such as relegation battles or derby games can often be very tight. Neither team wants to lose and will often set up to play a tight and compact game.

When a team has appointed a new manager, very often the first game with result in either a draw or win, keep your eye out for this.

What is a 4 draw tips accumulator?

A 4 draw tips accumulator is simply a combination of 4 draw tips into one accumulator. This will often give you over 300/1 (300) odds. It is a high risk strategy but it does have big rewards.

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