Football Index Tips

Football Index Tips

By Oliver Liebscher @ 2020-08-28 22:18:06

Launched in 2015 Football Index is a combination of stock market trading, fantasy football and football betting.

In a nutshell, you purchase a share in a player, then if the player performs well, you can sell your share at a profit. This is known as “capital appreciation”. However, just like a real stock market, your shares can go down as well as go up.

Aside from capital appreciation, you can also make money from your players through dividends. For example, this is where your player performs well in a match and as a result Football Index pays you between 1p and 6p per share owned in that player. Football Index pay media dividends, match day dividends and in-play dividends - read more about the dividends here.

Tips For Choosing Players

  1. Think Long Term. Football index is best when thinking long term - buy shares with the intention of holding on to them for months or more.
  2. UK Player Bias. UK media outlets are used to calculate media dividends. This means slight bias towards UK players.
  3. Don’t Be Biased Towards Your Own Club. Or against a rival club. Think about this from a logical, unemotional way.
  4. Buy Low Sell High. In the Football Index world, a slump in stocks (players) can often be because of injuries. When a player gets injured and their price falls, this can be a good time to buy.
  5. Buy Before 2pm The Day Before The Match. Otherwise you player won’t be valid to earn dividends for that match.
  6. Spread Risk. Just as with trading shares on the stock market, it’s important to diversify risk. In Football Index terms, this means owning multiple players. You’re less exposed to risk by owning multiple players as opposed to having all your shares in one player.

Pros & Cons Of Football Index

Football Index Pros:

  • Long term trades can sometimes lack the excitement of an in-play bet
  • Dividends are typically 1 - 6p per share owned. This means that to earn a decent amount from dividends you need a couple of hundred. If you’re buying a couple of hundred shares that cost £2 each, you have to have £200 tied up in one player. Firstly, this is quite a lot of money and secondly, like regular shares you want to diversify your portfolio and own multiple shares/players… which lowers your potential dividends earnings.

Football Index Or Football Betting?

Football Index is typically good for long term engagement with players. Football betting is more instantaneous and in the moment. Let’s take a look at them side by side:

Football Index Football Betting
Stake amount Typically higher amounts Typically lower amounts
Time period of bet Typically long term Typically short term
Probability of earning a profit Typically higher than betting Typically lower than Football Index
Stake vs returns Typically, higher stake, lower returns Typically lower stake, higher returns

The table above is based on average player behaviour, risk and probability are the choice of the user when placing their bet. However, in our experience, Football Index is typically longer term with lower rewards but much more likely to generate returns than football betting.

Players That Performed Well - 2019/20 Season

To give you an idea of the kind of returns you can achieve if you select a young, upcoming player at the right time in their career. The returns you would have made on Adama are just ridiculous!

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold

£3.15 → £9.70 (July 19 - July 20)
207.9% Increase


£0.67 → £3.16 (July 19 - July 20)
371.6% Increase

Bruno Fernandes

£2.74 - £10.39 (July 19 - July 20)
279.1% Increase

Jadon Sancho

£5.83 → £14.47 (July 19 - July 20)
148% Increase

Phil Foden

£3.83 → £7.73 (July 19 - July 20)
101.8% Increase

What Are Dividends?

Football Index pays dividends on the shares that you own. The amount you earn varies, but it’s typically 1p - 6p per share. To earn a decent amount you really need hundreds of shares. These come in three different forms:

  • Media dividends: The player with the most positive mentions across 25 UK news publishers wins media dividends.
  • Match day dividends: Football Index evaluates player performance through their Performance scoring algorithm and allocates the players points. The players with the most points for their respective position come top of the Football Index Match Day Rankings, and win Dividends for that day.
  • In-play dividends: when players scores goals or get assists, or clean sheets for goalies. Players are only eligible for In-Play dividends for the first 30 days after buying the share… unless you renew the share.
Match Days

What Is “The Spread”?

The Spread is a common term in trading shares. It's essentially the difference between the buy price and the sell price of a player. For example, Raheem Sterling has a buy price of £5.79 and a sell price of £5.45 - a difference of 2%. This means, when you buy shares in a player just to break even the value of the player must increase by 2% before you sell.

That 2% is commission to Football Index and how they make their money.



the element of chance in a football fixture.

Strategy Tips

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Check both teams fixture schedule. If one team has two extra days rest that will impact the starting line up and result.
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