Goals Galore Tips

Goals Galore Tips

By Oliver Liebscher @ 2020-08-26 10:02:20

What Is Goals Galore?

Goals Galore is Betfred’s weekly Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market - As the Betfred marketing goes “When both teams score, it’s Goals Galore”. Simply select whichever games you believe both teams will score a goal.

The fixtures can contain a mixture of games from Premier League, Championship, League One or a variety of different foreign leagues.

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Original, Bonus, No Draw or 1st Half?

There are actually three variations of Goals Galore - The original, bonus list, no draw and 1st half. Let’s have a look at each of those in some further detail:

Goals Galore - The Original

The original Goals Galore list goes back years to long before online gambling was even a thing - back when the only way you could place your BTTS bets was via a paper betslip in a high street bookie. Goals Galore origianl used to be known as the ‘long list’ as it contains more fixtures than the other Goals Galore options. Pick between 3 and 12 selections where you think both teams will score.

Selections Odds
3 Correct 3/1
4 Correct 11/2
5 Correct 10/1
6 Correct 16/1
7 Correct 28/1
8 Correct 45/1
9 Correct 70/1
10 Correct 120/1
11 Correct 200/1
12 Correct 300/1

Goals Galore Bonus List

The Bonus List pays better odds than the original list and the reason for this is these are selections that are statistically less likely to score based on previous form.

As with the original list, you can select between 3 and 12 matches.

Selections Odds
3 Correct 9/2
4 Correct 9/1
5 Correct 16/1
6 Correct 28/1
7 Correct 50/1
8 Correct 100/1
9 Correct 175/1
10 Correct 300/1
11 Correct 500/1
12 Correct 800/1

Goals Galore 1st Half

The same theory as the two above options, however, both teams must score within the 1st half of the match. Naturally, this means less time and less chance of it happening, which means bigger odds.

Selections Odds
3 Correct 20/1
4 Correct 55/1
5 Correct 150/1
6 Correct 425/1
7 Correct 1,100/1
8 Correct 3,250/1
9 Correct 9,000/1
10 Correct 20,000/1
11 Correct 35,000/1
12 Correct 65,000/1

Goals Galore No Draw

Goals Galore No Draw is slightly different to the other three options - whereas the other lists are based on simply every team scoring at least one goal, the no draw list means just that - no match can result in a draw. That means both teams must score, however, the result can’t be 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc. This means the odds are enhanced.

Selections Odds
3 Correct 100/1
4 Correct 400/1
5 Correct 2,000/1
6 Correct 8,500/1
7 Correct 40,000/1
8 Correct 175,000/1

Cash Out

Betfred also offers Cash Out - this means you can settle your bet early and receive a smaller payout. For example, say you put on a whopping 12 team Goals Galore bet and you’ve already got 11 out of 12 games correct with 1 game left playing. If that 1 remaining game is 0 - 0 with 10 minutes left to play… time to cash out!

Goals Galore Tips

Firstly, you need to take into account the head to head statistics of the two teams. Secondly, you need to look at the previous 5 - 10 games form of the team you’re thinking of including. Sounds time-consuming, right? Wrong

Super Hot Tips was built around h2h predictions and form, our algorithm does all of the hard work so you don’t have to! Take a look at our BTTS Tips page and look out for the hot tips. Any fixture where there’s 2 - 3 hot tip flames - we rate as highly likely to be a high scoring game - perfect for Goals Galore!



the element of chance in a football fixture.

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