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How Does The Double Chance Bet Work

How Does The Double Chance Bet Work

By Oliver Liebscher @ 2020-10-07 15:18:16

When you place a Double Chance bet you are essentially doubling your chances to win. For example, rather than just betting on a single result, you are betting two possible results.

For example, in the Everton v Liverpool game:

A single result bet would be:

  • Everton to win
  • Liverpool to win
  • Draw

A Double Chance bet on the same game would be:

  • Everton or Draw
  • Draw or Liverpool
  • Everton or Liverpool

So, if you were to bet on Everton or Draw, then you will win if the match ends in either Everton winning or a draw. Sounds great, right!

What’s The Catch?

With three possible outcomes to a match result bet, normally you would only win if one out of the three outcomes comes in. With a Double Chance, you win if two out of three outcomes come in. This means the probability of it coming in is far higher - this in turn means the odds are significantly lower.

Let’s compare the odds:

Match Result Bet

Everton: 11/4 Draw: 16/5 Liverpool: 4/5
Implied Probability: 26.7% Implied Probability: 23.8% Implied Probability: 55.6%

Double Chance Bet

Everton or Draw: 10/11 Draw or Liverpool: 1/4 Everton or Liverpool: 2/9
Implied Probability: 52.4% Implied Probability: 80% Implied Probability: 81.8%

If you look at the match result bets, the highest implied probability is 55.6%, whereas the highest implied probability of Double Chance is 81.8% - this means it’s much more likely to happen, hence why the bookmakers will slash the odds.

How Can I Get Value With Double Chance Bets?

You may not get high returns with a Double Chance bet, however, they’re naturally safer than a single match result bet.

You can increase potential returns by combining multiple Double Chance bets into an accumulator bet.

For other great value bets, check out our accumulator tips and BTTS tips.



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Check both teams fixture schedule. If one team has two extra days rest that will impact the starting line up and result.
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