We started out in the tipping world as BetSeven. After two year we decided to rebrand as Super Hot Tips. We felt the new name was a better representation on our brand and brand position.

Our Goal

A small group of professional gamblers put a theory to the test. Can we find a margin in football betting over a long period of time. After multiple attempts and a list of betting rules to help guard us against failure, we finally managed to consistently find a winning margin.

Since we originally formed, we have used historical data to generate a list of potential tips, that are then researched further by our team, using our rule set to help ensure success. At the end of every gameweek, we evaluate our predictions and their success to take on any further learnings and help continuously evolve our process. We often find different rules apply to different leagues and bet types.

We put this process to the test for 12 months before activating our Premium subscription program.



the element of chance in a football fixture.

Strategy Tips

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Midweek Fixtures

Mid week fixtures in the lower english leagues are very inconsistent. This is due to the number of fixtures in a season, managers have to rest players.
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